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Black Panther was going to be an incredible cinematic experience and at Twitter we knew could be the catalyst to excite and delight fans.


For this campaign I was the co-marketing campaign manager. I worked with the internal team to finalize campaign concepts and strategy. This involved briefing and managing the internal agency as well as aligning all teams cross functionally across marketing, comms, talent management, and the sales org. The co-marketing partnership also involved working directly with the client partner to finalize the partnership, secure exclusive access, and deliver the results. 


An exclusive Marvel Studios hosted Black Panther Twitter LIVE Q&A days before the public movie premiere. The only Q&A with the entire main cast, director, producer, and Marvel Studios’ President. Fans in limited theater screenings across North and Latin America and thousands on Twitter watched the exclusive broadcast and Tweeted about #BlackPantherLive. In five cities with 400 placements, a digital OOH campaign and an email blast, drove tune-in for the big event. Black Panther became the most Tweeted movie ever and Twitter was at the epicenter of conversation. .

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