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Friarwood Fine Wines


Friarwood Fine Wines Ltd. required a new brand identity. After being acquired, the company was not permitted to use its previous branding marques. The new brand identity was meant to serve as inspiration, guidance and direction for a new

strategy. With a much younger management team in place and little attention previously given to the Friarwood position and messaging, the new brand was to be the seen as the catalyst to the “new Friarwood”. The new brand needed to portray the rejuvenated outlook to the business, but could not disregard the brand’s renowned 60 year heritage.


I directed the new brand strategy and managed and implemented the new brand in order position Frairwood as an authentic and personal business partner. I conducted a brand audit, competitive landscape analysis and was part of the leadership team to understand and set the new direction for the brand.


Wines Worth Discovering. 

Friarwood was repositioned as the fine wine experts with a personalized approach. We also refocused and created a consistent image including a logo, color pallet, and tone of voice that has been carried across all mediums. 

The "ah-ha" moment came after we realized the power that comes with each team member sitting around and tasting each and every wine that was brought into the store. The team literally scavenges the earth to find “hidden gems” and each bottle is tested, tried and approved by the entire team. It really is a personal curation of wines from around the world. Friarwood makes it easy to just enjoy a good bottle ofwine, while removing the barriers that make it intimidating.

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