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Twitter is what's really happening. Real talk. Real world. Real me. Let's take this authentic reflection of our realness out into the world and let the Tweets speak for themselves. 


This was the first time we used people's Tweets in marketing - a giant step for the brand as this campaign ultimately shaped the foundation for how Twitter shows up going forward. I was the responsible for leading the implementation effort by finalizing the media buy, overseeing production and and ultimately creating and implementing this Tweet selection and approval process, which would be adopted as our foundational process for using Tweets in marketing materials. 


An edgy OOH campaign in NYC and San Francisco that, for the first time, let users Tweets do the talking. The campaign delivered on its objective to showcase Twitter as a platform that: gives me the

freedom to express myself, allows individuals to have a voice and be heard, and welcomes everyone. And the Twitter brand is a playful, authentic & exciting.  

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