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Reframe the mask conversation. Unlock the power of people encouraging others to wear masks in a fun, Twitter-y way to combat message fatigue.


I was charged with acting as the driver responsible for delivering the campaign. Working with executive leadership, I ensured the campaign delivered against its strategic objectives, acted as the main point of contact across all work streams, and had all teams working collaboratively to deliver a campaign that broke through.  I was responsible for overseeing the day-to-day relationships with both internal and external partners, agencies and government partnerships as well as ensuring all project deliverables were timely and in budget.  


We partnered with local government officials and municipalities to bring the real talk to life in eight cities across the US with over 440 placements - on buildings, on sidewalks, in parks, on boats and in the air. On platform, we playfully joined the mask conversation, showcased the breadth of the conversation through our OOO channels, brought #WearAMask to life with an animated like, and for the first time, altered DM reactions to include the mask emoji.  

The campaign resulted in increase in positive sentiment and perceptions around Twitter brand, increase in conversation and conversation sentiment around masks, and became the highest performing Twitter owned branded like. 

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